gpc and gcc backends

Frank Heckenbach ih8mj at
Mon Dec 20 15:23:57 CET 2004

Prof. A Olowofoyeku (The African Chief) wrote:

> I now have the situation where I can build gpc based on any number of
> gcc versions. I have, until now, used gcc-3.2.3 for Mingw binary 
> releases, but I have now ascertained that the latest betas also work 
> perfectly fine with gcc-3.3.3 and gcc-3.3.5. The question now is - is 
> there any reason (other than convenience, etc.) for using one gcc 
> version rather than another? Should I keep using gcc-3.2.3 or move to 
> gcc-3.3.5? Choosing one rather than the other does not seem to make 
> any difference to the robustness of the gpc compiler or the code 
> generated by it.

Except for the problem with system conditionals (which is worked
around while building GPC itself and running the test suite, and
when compiling with GP or using `--print-needed-options' manually,
but may still fail otherwise with GPC based on gcc-3.3.x).


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