GPC on Cygwin having a problem compiling

Frank Heckenbach ih8mj at
Tue Jun 12 00:49:10 CEST 2007

The African Chief wrote:

> On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 17:21 -0400, Bruce Mahfood wrote:
> > I am having an issue with my compilation using the IDE.  I did a
> >  compile of my project and two errors are popping up in different
> >  places that I am not sure what to do with.  The Intr() procedure is
> >  not recognized, and it's used throughout most of the thirteen project
> >  files that I have inherited.  Getting an "undeclared identifier
> >  'Intr'" error message.  I found a note in the file that
> >  says that the procedures Intr and MsDos are only supported under DJGPP
> >  if `__BP_UNPORTABLE_ROUTINES__' is defined with the
> >  `-D__BP_UNPORTABLE_ROUTINES__' option.  I didn't know whether this IDE
> >  relied on DJGPP or not, but I tried it anyway.  It didn't help.  Any
> >  ideas here?
> The Intr routine works only on DJGPP (DOS-32). This IDE is based on
> Mingw. Unless you can find a portable way to do what you want to do with
> Intr, I think you are well and truly stuck there.

Indeed, "Intr" in BP is just a wrapper to the "int" assembler
instruction. This can be used to call low-level BIOS and DOS
functions or various other things.

On DJGPP, some of them will work, but on other systems (including
Windows), you need to rewrite them.

If you're lucky, the previous programmer used "Intr" (out of
ignorance) for things that can easily be done other ways. If you're
unlucky, they access the internals of BIOS and DOS structures,
install TSR programs, redirect interrupt vectors and various other
stuff ...

If you can post some of the statements (with context) here, some of
us might be able to give some suggestions.


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