small misc fixes

Dimitar Zhekov jimmy at
Fri Jun 6 15:43:32 CEST 2003

Hi. A number of really small fixes:

- bgi/bgiprint.c:bgiprint_init()
- bgi/bgiprint.c:bgiprint_close()
  are declared static but not defined static: sync

- setup/clip.c:GrResetClipBox()
- setup/cxtinlne.c:GrCurrentContext()
- setup/cxtinlne.c:GrScreenContext
  are declared foo(void) but defined foo(): sync

- text/buildfnt.c:bdump()
  removed DEBUG mode GrCurrentMode()
  replaced printf()-s with DBGPRINTF()
- utils/dbgprint.c:_GR_debug_printf()
  removed "grxkeys.h" and "libxwin.h" includes
  removed GrKeyPressed()/GrKeyRead()
- makefile.w32:
  no changes; MinGW linking and debugging now works

Debugging: I'll change the makefiles not to link any
video libraries for the programs that use no graphics
mode (MinGW never did) this weeked. My consideration
is that the debug change is a bugfix and should go
straight in the official 246. Other opinions?

- test/fontdemo.c
  synced the #include-s with the other examples

E-gards: Jimmy
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