Borland extensions: new version

Peter Gerwinski pege at rs1.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Tue Dec 19 19:14:16 CET 1995

Hello, GPC-list!

I have uploaded the 1.1 version of the Borland Extensions for GPC
to and to  In Augsburg, it can
already be downloaded from the directory /pub/gnu/gnu-pascal/turbo-alpha.
The file turbo-1.1-gpc-2.6.3.tar.gz contains the new patched source,
binaries for EMX and Linux have been updated.

There are no new features, but some bugs have been fixed.  Objects
(virtual methods) are more stable now, -g should work now, etc.

That's not all ... second mail follows ...


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Fachbereich Physik
Universitaet-GH Essen                   Phone:  +49-201-183-2763
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