GPC for EMX runs in Linux DOSemu :-)

Tue Nov 14 13:21:51 CET 1995

Hello Arcadio, hello GPC-list!

I have checked that the EMX (i.e. DOS and OS/2) version of GPC 2.6.3
runs fine in the DOSemu (version 0.60.3 with WinDoze hack---but probably
also without it) of Linux.  It is somehow stupid to emulate DOS under
Linux in order to run there a program which has been ported from UNIX to
DOS, but this may serve as a last resort when you have problems with
Linux SlackWare 3 (ELF binary format) until GPC 2.7.x will exist.

The steps to get a compiling GPC in Linux DOSemu are straightforward,
nevertheless here is a short description what to do:

  - Install DOSemu,
  - get the following packets of EMX: emxrt, emxdev, gnudev, dpmigcc5,
  - get GPC binaries for EMX,
  - create a directory for EMX, install everything in that directory
    from Linux with unzip (this is more stable than installing it under
    DOSemu for example with pkunzip -d).  Note that DOS is not case-
    sensitive, so you will have to move GPC files from EMX/BIN and
    EMX/LIB to emx/bin and emx/lib.
  - Start DOSemu and edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT:
  - set up a PATH to the emx/bin directory,
  - set up the LIBRARY_PATH environment variable to point to your
    emx/lib directory.
  - ExitEmu and restart it---now it should work.  Run some tests.

This sounds complicated, but if you are experienced with DOS and already
have installed DOSemu and know where to get EMX (e.g. on the server in /pub/systems/os2/emx-0.9a or similar), the whole
procedure can be done in half an hour or less.  If not, it may be easier
to do the port from GPC 2.6.3 to GPC 2.7.0 on your own.

Good luck,


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