GPC for EMX, objects, gperf

Arcadio Alivio Sincero lotu at
Wed Sep 13 15:40:26 CEST 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> 1)  I am thinking about porting GPC to the DOS / OS/2 EMX environment.  Does
>     anybody already work on that task or has even finished it?

	I was thinking about downloading the source this weekend and try
to recompile it under EMX/GCC myself.  But since you want to do it, I
might as well wait until you're done :-).  It should be rather straight
forward to recompile GPC under the EMX environment, shouldn't it?  I had
problems recompiling GPC under DOS and DJGPP (actually, I never did manage
to recompile it under DOS but only because I switched to OS/2 and dumped
DOS so I never really tried hard enough :-)), because of DOS's 8.3
filename limitation and some of the GPC source files have long filenames. 
Under OS/2 and HPFS this shouldn't be a problem. Isn't the makefile for 
GPC in "standard" UNIX make file format?  You could just get GNU Make, I 
guess.  (I use IBM's NMAKE myself, which is why I ask).  

	So it sounds easy enough.  Just recompile GCC under OS/2 so you 
get the object files, then recompile GPC.  Hmm ... is that all there is 
to it?  I remember somebody telling me they managed to compile GPC under 
EMX, but the way he described his experiences it wasn't as straight 
forward as I think.  Is it?  Am I missing something here?

> 2)  I would like to know more about when there will be Object Pascal extensions
>     in GPC, and how they will look like.  (E.g. "class" instead of Borland's
>     "object"?  Does "override" mean what I know as "virtual"?)

	I thought GPC is supposed to be an Extended Pascal and ISO Pascal
compiler only .. i.e. it follows "official" standards. Is Object Pascal
standardized?  You *might* be able to consider Borland somewhat of a
standard ... there are already two Pascal compilers for OS/2 that comply with
the Borland "standard" .. Speed Pascal/2 and Virtual Pascal.  (Also, the
latest version of Speed/2, v. 1.5, is supposed to have the "Delphi
extenstions", i.e. Object Pascal, in it ...). 

	Anyhow, if you're gonna add the Object Pascal and Borland
extensions yourself, that'd be pretty cool.  Having a free Pascal compiler
that follows 4 standards (ISO Pascal, Extended Pascal, Borland, and Object
Pascal) and is portable across several platforms would be awesome.  I wish
I could help, but unfortunatly I don't know squat about writing compilers
... but I'd be happy to be a beta tester 'tho :-). 

Later ...


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