GPC for EMX, objects, gperf

Arcadio Alivio Sincero lotu at
Wed Sep 13 17:44:39 CEST 1995

On Wed, 13 Sep 1995, Jukka Virtanen wrote:
> 	Hi folks.
> 	I think gpc has been succesfully compiled and run in both the
> 	dos and os/2 environments (although I don't even know what emx is,
> 	and I am not sure I even want to know that :-)
> 	I think I am able to get the dos binaries and start distributing 
> 	them if someone would like to avoid the problems in compiling
> 	gpc under dos. Are people interested in binaries?
> 	gpc makefiles are quite standard, they should not require any 
> 	specific makefile features, except the VPATH variable, which tells
> 	where the make program should look for sources. Gnu make is fine.
> 	Most other new make programs are also fine.

	Personally, I wouldn't mind a set of OS/2 binaries :-).  Unless 
recompiling GPC for OS/2 is simply a matter of running the make file 
through GNU Make.  EMX, BTW, is one of the OS/2 GCC ports.  It can also 
run under 32-bit extended DOS (using the VCPI standard by default 'tho), 
so if you recompile it for OS/2 you are also making a version for DOS as 
well.  Convienent, 'eh?

> 	Also, I am never going to do the Borland compatibility mode 
> 	myself, but I have no objections to include those changes in gpc 
> 	mainline *if* someone would write them first and not just talk
> 	about it. Please do, there are many programmers out there who
> 	really seem to like borland, and it would be very useful for the
> 	project to be compatible with borland.

	I'd probably move away from the Borland "standard" if a powerful 
Extended Pascal or Object Pascal compiler was readily available to me.  
Mainly because Borland is not a "real standard".  'Tho maybe it should be 
because a lot of people seem to use it.

> 	Yes, it would be cool. But also remember that gpc is not
> 	quite finished yet, it still requires lots of hacking to implement
> 	the missing features...

	What's missing still?


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