GPC for EMX, objects, gperf

Berend de Boer berend at
Wed Sep 13 21:25:32 CEST 1995

Peter Gerwinski wrote

PG> 1)  I am thinking about porting GPC to the DOS / OS/2 EMX
PG> environment.  Does     anybody already work on that task or
PG> has even finished it?

Yes. There is a djgpp recompile and an emx. Both should be easy, just a recompile if you have a bourne shell, else you need to create your own makefile.

PG> 2)  I would like to know more about when there will be
PG> Object Pascal extensions     in GPC, and how they will look
PG> like.  (E.g. "class" instead of Borland's     "object"? 
PG> Does "override" mean what I know as "virtual"?)

See the Ansi OOP draft, probably online soon (follow


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