Re^2: From Borland to GNU ...

Mon Sep 18 17:20:55 CEST 1995

Hello, Juki!

> 	Also I have no knowledge of turbo pascal, so your contribution
> 	is very important!!!

My problem is that the Borland "standard" is the only
standard I know.  I think I will be able to implement it
(within some __long__ time ...) but I can not give a 
warranty that ISO standard will still work.  Where did
you get that standard?

> 	I have the C++ version of gperf. As far as I rememer
> 	Doug Schmidt wrote also a C version of it, but
> 	I don't know where it currently is. If you need
> 	it I could try to find it.

I know the place in principle, but my access to there failed.
In the moment, it is not this important.  I will cry for help,
if it becomes.

> 	Where did you get the EMX changes from? Are they
> 	already in the 2.7.0 gcc release? If they are,
> 	it makes things a lot easier.

I found version 2.6.3 at  The patched
version 2.7.0 is present at, directory

My upload: I was knocked out of the system several times.  Now I
had success by changing the upload names to and  Please change them back to README and since DOS will reject filenames longer than 8.3.



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