part of system.pas unit ready

Berend de Boer 100120.3121 at CompuServe.COM
Wed Aug 14 10:01:24 CEST 1996

Hello All,

I promised to create a System.pas unit, here is a large part of it (see next
It seems to work on gnu-win32 systems (I tested it in a NT workstation). It
probably also works on BSD unix systems. 

I used gpc 2.6.3 (which was more useful than I expected and have 
said so in the past )-: ), but I still encountered some strange things.

So here my comments:
1. how do you use the __unsigned__ prefix?
2. Instead of using __byte__, etc. ranges should be better as Juki already
3. nil assignment to void pointer unacceptable? (var p: ^void; p := nil; )

Things I found missing:
- schema types ( type t(max:integer) = array[0..max] of double; )
- function result variables ( function f(p: integer) = Result: integer; )
- pre-initialized variables
- renaming in export clause

I like to here comments,


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