[Help] gpc for dos

Peter Gerwinski pege at rs1.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Thu Jan 25 15:27:25 CET 1996


According to b2506033:
>       When compiled a small program, I got a lot of error message. I use
> gpc-263b got from kampi.hut.fi.  Please help me.   Thanks.
> b2506033 at csie.ntu.edu.tw  Herge

Your environment variables seem to be correct, but
did you install the EMXDEV package? You need at least
EMXRT, EMXDEV, and GNUDEV for a working GPC compiler.
If you have DPMI without VCPI, you also need DPMIGCC5
from emx/contrib.

Good luck!


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