Programmers wanted: CRT, Graph, etc. for GNU Pascal

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Thu Jul 25 01:03:15 CEST 1996

Arcadio wrote:
> Has the "Borland UNITs" problem been fixed with GPC yet?  Or are we still 
> stick with that rather nasty (IMHO of course) hack we had to do by  #including 
> the the UNIT file in any program we wished to use that unit?

I am just working on that problem and I'm pretty sure that it will be fixed 
in the next release.  But please be patient since it is *hard* work and...
> since being a student tends to eat up a lot of my time ... :-)

> 	The last time I checked out your BO5 library, Peter, any program 
> that used your Crt unit, I think, had to be set uid on the Linux platform 
> 'cause it did direct screen writes.  Is this still true?  Or did you 
> change it to use NCurses yet?

Use -D TERMCAP instead of -D LINUX and link the -ltermcap library.
export CL_COLOR=YES in order to get ANSI colors.

Since I want to have BO5 being portable to *all* platforms including
OS/2pm and Windoze, I want to avoid to rely on special libraries.  I will
probably use (S)VGALIB with Linux which is part of the operating system,
but I will even try to avoid linking the termcap library in the next
release since I have found computers where it is not installed (!).

Since I am rewriting kind of Turbo Vision (but with graphics mode, too)
I actually won't need something like ncurses.  When my progress on BO5
is so slow, this has (almost) no technical reasons but it's a question
of time.  Currently, I am hacking around in the interior of GPC, in
programs I want to sell, and in my dissertation thesis in physics.

> 	I've already written a Crt-like MODULE for Gardens Point Modula-2 
> compiler which are SLang-based.  Shouldn't be too hard to convert over to 
> GPC.  That is ... if anybody is interested ...

Since my BO5 will take some time to become really useful, I think that
everything which replaces CRT etc. is highly welcome by the GPC users,
even if it is not portable to all platforms.

But once more: I have free sources of CRT, Graph, etc. ...
I don't want to port them myself because I think it is more important
that I work on the compiler itself and on BO5.

> 	Yeah .. it shouldn't be too hard to implement Printer ... it 
> seems rather straight forward to me.  

Here is the DOS version:

  Unit Printer;


    Tools;  (* we need Assign *)

    lst: Text;


  to begin do  (* Extended Pascal initializers and finalizers *)
      Assign ( lst, 'prn' );
      rewrite ( lst );
    end (* to begin *)

  to end do
    close ( lst );


I didn't test it, but it should work. (-: Now it's your turn to
make it portable. ;-)

> 	However, like the other guy said, certain things in Borland 
> Pascal only make sense under DOS (like the Mem[] variable and ABSOLUTE 
> variables).

Absolute variables *make* sense not only under DOS when you use them
instead of variant records to convert data.  Look into the Tools
Unit from BO5 for examples.  (Yes, GPC has "absolute".)



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