Q: Is there a gpc/emx for emx09b already ?

Peter Gerwinski pege at rs1.Theo-Phys.Uni-Essen.DE
Mon Mar 18 13:48:50 CET 1996

Hi, all, hi Stefan!

> GPC doesn't like me anymore, though. It compiles, but linking doesn't seem to
> work, I get stuff like:
> rts-file.c:221 (e:/bin/emx/lib/gpc.a(rts-file.o)): Undefined symbol _write
> refer enced from text segment
> and lots of it. 

I think I know this error ...

I would guess that this comes from the fact that GPC does not only need
the gpclib.a library but also gcclib.a. With Linux, I remember a similar
problem arising from the installation of a new GCC-2.7.x C compiler and
a conflict between a.out and elf versions of the libgcc.a library. We
have solved it by installing a version of libgcc.a from GCC-2.6.3 in the
lib path. 

> Interesting enough, gpc --version     reports %PROG2%,
> so this may serve as version indication:
> rwxa--   161799 Dec 13 00:39 e:/bin/emx/bin/gpc.exe*

I get the same version %PROG2%. Strange. I will have to look for this
error, too, but it seems to be an independend one.

> but more interesting (and temporary relief!) is, that
> gpc -c test.pas
> gcc test.o -lgpc
> does produce a working executable.

Again: strange. I have one idea: Perhaps your version of gcc can produce
a.out as well as elf output files, and gcc knows the option to tell the
linker the difference, while gpc doesn't. Well, try to install the old
C compiler; if this solves the problem I think we know the origin of the

In case you only changed the EMX version and did not touch the C compiler,
we are *really* in trouble.

I think all these problems will disappear as soon as we will have a 2.7.x
version of GPC. (But this is not my job. :-) Another suggestion would be
to make GPC independend of the C runtime library, but include the required
stuff into gpclib.a.

See you,


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