Q: How do you use UNITs in TurboGPC? Plus general comments ....

lotu at wam.umd.edu lotu at wam.umd.edu
Sun Mar 17 06:22:11 CET 1996

I just downloaded the precompiled ELF binary version of "Turbo" GPC for 
Linux.  I've been playing around with it for the past few minutes, but I 
can't seem to be able to figure out how to make and use Borland Pascal UNITs.

To try it out, I made a simple program (test1.p) that called the 
procedure "Intro" which was in another unit (unit1.p).  I first compiled 
the unit (thinking that gpc doesn't have a built-in make like BPC/TPC 
does) with the following command line: "gpc -c unit1.p".  I then 
proceeded to compile and link test1.p -- but as I expected it didn't 
work.  I get the message:

"No exported interface matching 'Unit1''
"undeclared indentifier 'Intro' .....'

I sort of expected this to happen 'cause how would gpc know about 
unit1.p?  I'm obviously doing something wrong here.  Can somebody please 
clue me in?  Thanks!

And on a seperate, but related note ....

How goes the work on "Turbo" GPC?  How about GPC in general?  (as far as 
getting full Extended Pascal compliance is concerned).  Copies of the ISO 
Pascal and Extended Pascal standards are available off the 'net courtesy 
of John Reagan, if anybody is interested.  He also said that he was 
gonna put the new Object Pascal standard up for ftping as well ... so 
perhaps Object Pascal can be incorporated into GPC ... shouldn't be too 
hard now ... with "Borland Pascal with Objects" already in place.

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