Q: Is there a gpc/emx for emx09b / gcc 2.7.2

levi at localhost.nc3a.nato.int levi at localhost.nc3a.nato.int
Tue Mar 19 13:33:05 CET 1996

> Hi again!
> > I don't find it (libgcc.a). the closest I find is gcc.lib on 
> > my gcc 2.6.3 setup at work.  I am not at home right now, 
> > so I can't check.
> That's it. Since DOS restricts file names to 8 letters, emx names
> libraries gcc.* rather than libgcc.*. But I thought that the suffix
> would be .a, not .lib, or there are both versions, denoting different
> lib file formats (perhaps elf and a.out?).

Hu? libgcc.* is still well within the DOS / FAT conventions, isn't it
:-) But, anyway, I have both gcc.lib and gcc.a, one (*.lib) is, as I
understand it, for linking with *.obj files using link386 and -Zomf,
the other one (*.a) for the traditional a.out and emx format.

> > Well, I have indeed had success with gcc 2.6.3, but not with 2.7.2 anymore.
> > Being completely stupid I didn't just upgrade emx rts from 09a to 09b but
> > did the wole works (2.6.3 -> 2.7.2) assuming that's a VERY GOOD THING.
> > Maybe it wasn't. I'll restore my 2.6.3 and just put in the nwe emxrts
> > tonight. Or, maybe I live with the separate link step until a 2.7.2 version
> > is out?
> I'm afraid these two alternatives are really the only solutions.

Oh. (seeking for cleenex).

> Let's hope that somebody will create GPC 2.7.x soon. 

Yes, yes. I really would do it if I just could (where are those cleenex,
again?). However, I haven't even had success compiling gcc / gpc before,
so I am less than optimistic. Anybody out there who'd really know what to

> > > I think all these problems will disappear as soon as we will have a 2.7.x
> > > version of GPC. (But this is not my job. :-) 
> Well, if there is no 2.7.x in 1997, I will do the job, because I also
> do not like the situation as is. But I would prefer somebody else to
> do this, so I can concentrate on the Borland stuff.

1997? (Cleenex alert again!)

> > > Another suggestion would be
> > > to make GPC independend of the C runtime library, but include the required
> > > stuff into gpclib.a.
> > 
> > Is this how g77 does it with f2c.lib?
> I don't know but I could imagine. Does anybody know?
> > Oh -- by the way: What's the reasone for gpc/emx being >= 3 MB as opposed to
> > 1.7 or so it was before? Is it the turbo stuff, or is it debug info that one
> > could safely strip out?  
> I think it's debug info. If so, I will strip it out in the next release of
> binaries.

So, could I just run strip against the binaries and they'd still work?

> > PS: A last one: I see mail to gpc at hut.fi bouncing all the time. You too?
> So do I. Does anybody know the address?
> So long,
>     Peter
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