Q: Is there a gpc/emx for emx09b / gcc 2.7.2

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Thu Mar 21 07:33:31 CET 1996

Hi Jukka, hi Peter, hi world (in that order :->),

the post by Kevin Foss from the emx mailing list got me to experiment
a bit more, and as it happens, with the following explicit linker
statements at least my simple `Hallo world' programme is back to life:

gpc test.pas -lgpc -lc_alias

So, with this the binaries of the emx/gpc built by Peter Gerwinski
for/with emx09a/gcc2.6.3 can be used under emx09b/gcc2.7.2 just fine.
That is a minor adjustment to a properly structured makefile and much
nicer than

gpc -c test.pas
gcc test.o

which also worked.

Late night cheers!    Stefan

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