new binaries uploaded

J.J. van der Heijden j.j.vanderheijden at
Mon May 20 22:55:28 CEST 1996

Hello all,

Today I uploaded a couple of new gpc-binaries to Hopefully, Juki will soon move them to
an appropriate location.

All of these are based on the public (2.6.3) snapshot of gpc.
"turbo" flavours are based on Peter Gerwinski's "turbo-alpha" sources.

The files are:

        Linux (ELF) gpc binary. I had to do some patching to gcc because
        gcc-2.6.3 ELF support was experimental and incompatible with the
        current (stable) state of ELF. Creates ELF executables. I think
        I uploaded these to (/pub/Linux/devel/lang/pascal)
        some time ago, although the "turbo" may have been version 1.0
        Binaries were built on a late 1.3.x kernel and require libc-5.2.18
        GPC binaries that fit into a djgpp (V2) distribution. djgpp is
        the "official" GCC release for MS-DOS, it should not be confused
        with Peter's EMX binaries, although they do roughly the same
        thing. Again, some patching to gcc because djgpp was v1.12 for
        gcc-2.6.3 and v2 for 2.7.2.
        GPC binaries that work ONLY with the current (beta14) release of
        the cygwin32 project. (Every new release seems to break
        compatibility with the previous one). The cygwin32 project is
        porting GNU software to Windows95 and NT (ix86 & ppc). This gpc
        creates PE/i386 executables. This is a work in progress: the
        compiler is restricted to console applications because it cannot
        access the Win32 API. The Win32 API requires a different way of
        stack management from the compiler (subroutine cleans stack), the
        rest of the world, including gpc, uses the C-style method (caller
        cleans stack). Hopefully, I can deal with this problem before
        gpc-1.2 is released, but I'm still interested in your experiences
        with this baby.

        More info on cygwin32 is available at:

I also have beta12 and beta13 win32 binaries around, but I don't think
anybody is using b12 or 13 anymore so I didn't upload them.

Last (but not least?), I have some Linux/ELF based gpc-crosscompilers
They can be usefull if you want to develop from a single source tree,
but support multiple target platforms. If anybody is interested in this
stuff, he/she should contact me. You also need extra cross-binutils to
make this work. I have linux->linuxaout, linux->djgpp & linux->win32

Happy hacking,
        J.J. van der Heijden

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