getting dos memory at unit start...

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Tue Nov 5 19:23:30 CET 1996

According to Andreas Eckleder:
> ....i just tried to get some dos memory via dpmi in the unit start block
> ( to begin do )

And what happened?

> i use a function call to another unit there (linked with import)
> which calls the extender function (get dos mem) then.
> to specify this a little more: i do NOT want to have a selector (this is  
> made later),i just want to have some memory allocated for a call-buffer.
> is it a problem that i call a function of another unit there?!?

It should not be, but please describe more exactly what you tried
and what happened.  The best thing is to post the smallest extract 
of your code which still triggers the error.

And:  Which GPC version are you using?


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