vesa 2.0 linear frame buffer

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>has anyone tried to use the linear frame buffer provided by vesa 2.0  
>drivers in gpc yet ?
>i just try and try but cannot access the frame buffer memory located at  
>0xe0000000 (page fault).
>the mode gets initialized correctly and definitely provides this frame  
>buffer (also switches off access mode via 0xa000 realmodesegment).
>i'd be very glad if there were some example sourcecodes out there ;)

I have not tried this, but this topic is discussed frequently in the djgpp
newsgroup. I suggest you search the djgpp mailinglist archives at with keywords like "vesa" and "linear" and search
game related djgpp links such as:

I know is a small example source
of how to get at VBE 2.0 linear framebuffers, with both near and far pointers.
You'll have to convert it to Pascal yourself.

The VBE 2.0 spec is online at

Hope this helps,
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