[Q] latest g77 and gpc for OS/2 with emx09c ? - RE

Peter Gerwinski peter at agnes.dida.physik.uni-essen.de
Wed Nov 13 02:23:30 CET 1996

According to sad at utkux.utcc.utk.edu:
>  I suppose I'll be installing emx09c + XFree soon but I also rely on
> gpc and g77 on OS/2, which work beautifully with emx09b so far.
> (Thanks to all the dudes involved, esp. EM, Peter Gerwinski, and Michael
> Holzapfel!)

(-: Thank you! :-)

> Now my question -- which and where are the latest, emx09c compiled
> or at least compatible/approved os/2 versions of g77-0.5.18 and gpc?

Try to run the gpc-1.2-2.7.2 pre-release EMX binary, compiled for 
emx09b, ftp://kampi.hut.fi/jtv/gnu-pascal/gpc-2.7.2/emx/gpcdev.zip,
1059 kB.  I will provide an emx09c version soon.

> Anything else I need to know before installing (it'll probably go right
> on a Warp 4 system)?  Cheers.

It should install just like the other EMX binary distributions.
In case you encounter any problems please let us (gpc at hut.fi) know,
because we want to fix all these problems prior to the final 2.7.2

(* BTW: Thanks for advertising for GPC in the EMX list. ;*)



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