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Peter Gerwinski peter at
Fri Oct 4 23:16:55 CEST 1996

According to Alessandro Graizzaro:
> I'm new with gnu pascal, and with Linux too.
> I decided to try it, because I need a lot of memory for my computations.
> 1) Can anoybody of tell me how can I define DOUBLE type ?

"Real" *is* what you know as "Double" from Borland Pascal.
Borland's 6-byte software real does not exist with GNU;
"Single" is "__short__ Real", "Extended" is "__long__ Real".

Known bug: you cannot writeln __short__ or __long__ Reals 
at the moment, but have to convert them to "ordinary" Reals, 

> 2) Is it possible to use the USES clause as in TP ?

Yes.  See README.TURBO for details (2.6.3 version) or the
"From Borland to GNU Pascal" section of the INFO documentation
of the 2.7.2-beta version.

> Where to find something
> like CRT, GRAPH ...? 

Graph is worked on for the DOS platform.  For Linux, you can use
the VGAlib C library with "external", "C", and "asmname" Procedures
and Functions.  CRT does not yet exist -- we are looking for somebody
to implement it.  However, have a look at BO5 (in the turbo-alpha
directory).  Its "Events" and "Displays" Units provide important parts 
of CRT's functionality.

Hope this helps,


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