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	One of my major concerns is textbooks. Anyone got a good
reccomendation for ones that work with GPC and are likeley to stay in


> >	As GPC is starting to stablize, is anyone using it in an
> >instructional environment (i.e. teaching beginning programming and 
> >data structures?) We're kind of considering it. 
> Actually, we (Computer Science Department at Western Washington
> University in Bellingham, Washington (USA)) have been using gpc as our
> primary Pascal compiler to support our beginning programming sequence
> for our majors for at least 3 years.  It has been quite nice.  And
> with gpc getting more of Extended Pascal implemented, you can have the
> students do more with separate compilation and such.
> Our biggest problem here is that the book we are using has gone out of
> print and it was replaced with a C version.  We have yet to find a
> book to match the book's approach and use Pascal.  So our department
> is in the middle of the process of talking about the introductory
> sequence for Computer Science majors.
> For those who really want some sort of a programming envoronment to go
> with gpc and are running X, look at xwpe.  (X window Programming Environment)
> The environment is quite similar to the Turbo-Pascal environment.
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