More crashing in gpc (970727)

Bill Currie billc at
Wed Jul 30 09:38:59 CEST 1997

Sigh, got gpi-hash fixed and now this :(

At least it's easy to reproduce, I just have absolutly no 
understanding of what's going on.

Just compile with `gpc -O2 -c system.pas'.

A warning is given (doesn't make sense to me yet) and then the call 
to `convert' in `build_c_cast' (line 5316 in gpc-typeck.c) goes 
bananas (infinite(?) recursion).  This happens in fillchar (line 178)

Oh well, here's my version of system.pas (a few functions added and 
fillchar's parameter changed to Byte)

There's also a strange bug where an untytped constant that's declared 
in one unit that's used by onother and both of those are used by a 
third gets lost to the third unit if the second unit is `used' after 
the first.  Unfortunatly, I have yet to reproduce this in small 

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