an idea for documentation

Paul Doerwald clavicle at
Thu Aug 13 20:14:47 CEST 1998

A couple months ago, there was a big struggle on the list over the out-of-date
reference manual for GPC, and people proposed suggesting changes through the

I have another idea, and I just thought I'd run it past all of you (especially
you, Peter)

Since there are a few people who *really* know GPC and all its function and
procedure calls, but they don't have the time to document the whole thing as
well as write it, but they always had corrections to what people submitted....

What I'm thinking is an extensive, online script (I would give it a shot, in
Perl) that would allow everyone to update an online version of the
documentation (that would be stored in HTML).  Everyone could make their own
changes; if they see a little problem, they can clarify it, and expand on each
others' work.

I wouldn't bother with passwords and special access -- I would just have
regular backups made so that if someone hit it and tried to screw it up, we'd
have a good copy backed up.

The HTML file could (somehow?) be translated into texi, for distribution with

Is this something that would be of value?  I'd be interested to hear your


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