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Peter Gerwinski peter at
Thu Aug 13 22:52:09 CEST 1998

Paul Doerwald wrote:
> It seems that the only reason I ever post in this list is for help compiling
> GPC.  I've got gcc 2.8.1 and gpc-980511.  These are the errors I get:
> [...]
> /usr/src/gcc-2.8.1/p/gpc-common.c:2572: undefined reference to `emit_string_move'
> /usr/src/gcc-2.8.1/p/gpc-common.c:2587: undefined reference to `emit_string_move'

That's a VPATH problem (though I wonder that it does exist
on a Linux platform).  See the section "Help! linking `gpc1' fails:
`_emit_string_move' undefined (and more)" in the GPC FAQ list, .

Hope this helps,


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