trouble compiling

Paul Doerwald clavicle at
Fri Aug 14 15:37:53 CEST 1998

> I think it's better to continue this discussion on the list.  If you agree,
> be invited to bounce my mail there.

Did I not reply to all?  oops.  You might want to update the list software so
it changes the Reply-To: field to gpc at -- I've made this mistake more
than once...

> (So do I.  If only I had the time I would happily WTFM.)-:

Many moons ago, I volunteered to wtfm -- I realized shortly after that I was
incapable of doing so (time, and knowledge of Pascal).  And since things always
work better in a community effort, I made the suggestion I did... Sadly,
though, I still haven't gotten anyone else's thoughts.

I found a gcc-2.8.1 distribution on my computer that I had downloaded (and
left in a stupid place that I never thought to look), so I unpacked that, and
stuck gpc-980511 in the p directory.  It detected the patch file.  I suspect
this will work now.

(No more trying short cuts for me -- maybe in a few years when I've used Linux
enough, and I'm a bit more into the programming loop -- I'm a university music
student who hasn't coded actively since early high school, so I'm somewhat
(read: very) out of the loop)  Sorry to trouble you with all my pedantic

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