Paul Doerwald clavicle at
Fri Aug 14 20:05:08 CEST 1998

Since it is widely grokked that community efforts (especially in the software
industry) work better than individual efforts, Peter and I have been
discussing how we can, as a community, best work on the GPC documentation.

Here is an idea that we came up with: Rather than a web-based form like I
suggested, we propose an e-mail based system.  With a simple syntax, you can
request a portion of the GPC reference documentation, and it will be e-mailed
back to you.  You can reply, quote the text, and edit what you like, and when
you send it back, your changes will be automatically added to the official GPC
(texinfo) documentation, and will also be kept online in an HTML format so
that everyone has immediate access to your contribution.  This way we can all
contribute to the GPC documentation effectively.

Any thoughts?

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