GPC version question...

Peter Gerwinski peter at
Wed Aug 26 15:36:51 CEST 1998

Orlando Llanes wrote:
>     What's the name of the most recent patch (ok, I'm feeling a bit
> adventurous here now :P) or binary for GPC?

It's still gpc-980511.  :-(I know ... but the next release will be great!;-)

> I downloaded the 98-05-11
> release (installed *after* DJGPP 2.8.1 and all its tools were installed),
> is that the most recent one? If so, I can't figure out why I get the "unit
> information deterioration" bug.

What's that?  Could you please describe this in more detail,
preferably with an example program?

> Could installing GPC over DJGPP be the
> reason? Should I leave GPC in its own directory? 

Just guessing:  Having an old version of GCC (and/or GPC) still in place
may interfere with gpc-980511.  This is because the directory structure
on DJGPP changed from gcc-2.7.x to gcc-2.8.x.



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