"keypressed" from TP/BP?

Frank Heckenbach frank at tim.gerwinski.de
Thu Dec 31 01:11:14 CET 1998

Peter Gerwinski wrote:

> GRX?  If so, your `KeyPressed' problem can easily be solved; see
> the `MouseEvent'-related functions of GRX.  (Although they are
> named `MouseEvent', they cover the keyboard as well and in a
> more flexible way than `KeyPressed' and `ReadKey' do.)
> > I'm now hung up on a little side issue.  In TP and BP, there
> > was a useful Boolean function "keypressed".  This let you
> > do things like: [...]
> The next (beta) release of GPC (scheduled for ... er ... last
> week #-) will come with a portable standard unit that will cover
> this.

Yes, a BP compatible CRT unit. However, it does not (yet?) work well
together with graphics under all circumstances. So you can try it on
your own risk (and perhaps improve the unit's ability to work
together with graphics), but when working with GRX, it might be
easier to use the GRX keyboard functions (at least for now).


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