It does not work! :-(was: IT WORKS!)

levi at levi at
Fri May 1 14:43:03 CEST 1998

Peter Gerwinski wrote:
> According to FPL:
> > No. It was a joke.
> Not a good one.
> Apart from my personal disappointment I get when I open this mail,
> I usually read and answer "it works" messages with a lower priority
> than cries for help.  Thus the misleading subject might cause delays
> in the answer.
I sincerly apologize if you have been hurted by what I said. When
reading it again, I do understand you may have thought I complained what
you do does not work. Well, What I mean is that *I* cannot make it work,
what's pretty different, but once more, I do understand it is spurious.

Meanwhile, this gpc-971001.tar.gz is really painfull to install,
especially this patch story, and dunno if it is an error of mine, but
one installation lead the system to loose cc that was unable to run
itself, and I am getting mad when I see I have installed GPC so many
times but I'm just unable to do it once more, now lgcc not found, now
cannot open xgpc, now I-don't-know-what... I am about downloading back
the old old version I installed without any problem.

However, don't think me being such a dope I consider you are responsible
for it.



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