GPC on Solaris 2.6

Tom Schneider toms at
Mon Sep 13 13:26:29 CEST 1999

>    I need a Pascal compiler and I have a big problem with gpc.
>    I'd like to know if anyone managed to use gpc on a Solaris 2.6
> sun workstation. Here are the problems I get :
>    gpc 2.0 does not want to compile the Pascal source ! It directly
> gives the source file to the linker !!!
>    gpc-19990118 : I can not even compile gpc ! "./configure" failed
>    gpc-19990607 : The compile failed to compile some simple programs
>       (gpc1 got signal 11)
>    gpc-19990813 : Same as previous !
>    Here is a program which compilation causes signal 11 :
> program foo;
> begin
>    writeln(round(3.14))
> end.
>    I would appreciate any help !!!  Thanks ...
>    Emmanuel Chaput          Emmanuel.Chaput at

My sysadmin bob Payne (payner at got gpc running on our system.
You could ask him how he did it.

However, any file names in the header are demanded by the program
interactively, which makes it useless for me.  I posted on this some days ago
on this group with no responses.  I would like to see a switch to turn off
the file name requests and have the names default to the ones given in the



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