DOS, CRT Units?

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Sun Jan 9 06:30:56 CET 2000

"Khimenko Victor" wrote:

> > Sorry for this newbie question:
> > Where can I find Borland compatible
> > replacement units (system, dos, crt)?
> They are included in latest versions of GPC. Youmust compile them manually
> though: it's not part of installation process.

Or you compile your programs with `--automake'. On OS/2,
`--automake' probably has the same bugs as on Dos, so you might need
`--autobuild' instead. (I'm writing a utility to solve these

> > The gpc FAQ led me to believe that they
> > do not yet exist, but people are discussing
> > them so they must!
> AFAIK all existing documetation for GPC is REALLY old :-((

Could someone please take a gun a shoot this FAQ? ;-)

Or, better yet, update it? :-)

> > If it matters, I'm using the version of
> > gpc running under EMX on OS/2.  I'm trying
> > to develop some statistical programs that
> > will run under any version of gpc, however.
> Oh. I never tried to use gpc on non-*nix platform. It's possible to do
> (even CRT can be compiled AFAIK) but I'm not know details...

As said, you need the curses library.

The libraries used (curses for CRT, and GMP for the GMP unit as well
as RX for the RegEx unit, both not BP compatible units, but new GPC
units) can be found on

There are binaries for some platforms, but not yet for EMX (you're
the first one to ask for it). If you manage to compile them (which
was quite easy under DJGPP and Cygwin, and at least PDCurses has
special OS/2 build instructions and mentions EMX, so it seems to be
supported), please upload them for the benefit of other users.


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