Compiling gpc-19991030 fails on rts.c

J. David Bryan dbryan at
Sun Jan 23 01:00:40 CET 2000

On 21 Jan 00, at 9:58, Dr A Olowofoyeku wrote:

> Your problem is probably due to things that are missing in the gcc Mingw
> libraries (and there are many of them). 

I have tracked my specific problem down to the lack of a "pwd.h" file in 
Mingw (thanks, Chief!).  The trouble is that "_p_pwl2c" in "rts.c" 
references the "passwd" struct, which is defined in "pwd.h", but "pwd.h" 
isn't part of Mingw.  This is detected by the Pascal "configure", which 
sets "#undef HAVE_PWD_H" in "rts-config.h" but is not covered by alternate 
code in "rts.c".  The result is a syntax error when compiling.

                                      -- Dave

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