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Frank Heckenbach frank at
Tue Mar 28 18:57:25 CEST 2000

Robson wrote:

> On 14 Mar 00, at 20:45, Robson Ferreira wrote:
> >        I want to know if you help me to resolve some
> > problems in to compile programs in the linux.
> > I am using the compiler GPC for to compile programs
> > in Pascal and my problem is that some libraries not
> > compile (crt.h,dos.h,io.h) " how to resolve this?";
> > and I am using GCC to compile programs in C
> > an has the equal problem (conio.h,...). Some
> > commands not execute (fgets,getch,delay,
> > clsrcr, gets) in the LINUX...
> >      Help me, please...
> GPC cannot use the C headers directly. You have to convert them
> into Pascal. For more information about GPC programming under
> Linux, post your questions to "gpc at". You will have people
> who use Linux all the time and who will be able to answer your
> questions there.

Some functions in these DJGPP headers headers are not portable (some
are, e.g. fgets, but others like clrscr aren't), so you can't use
them under Linux directly. Furthermore, as The Chief said, you can't
use C headers directly...

However, recent releases of GPC come with a set of units which are
both portable and written in Pascal, so that's probably what you
need. For the headers mentioned, you probably want to look into the
GPC, CRT and maybe Dos units. (The Dos unit, despite its name, is
portable as well.)


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