thanks plus question: "egcs or gcc"

Menno Schaap mennos at
Tue Sep 5 23:26:54 CEST 2000

> Check the Lazarus and fpgui/fpgfx widget sets for FPC.
> They are more or less what you want to do, (independant library to qt, gtk,
> some also xlib and win32 GDI) and maybe you can convert them to
> GPC objects style.

Thanks, looks good. But for me it is no problem to write in another language
then Pascal since the graphical layer is written as a sub-layer.

> Personally, I think that you'll have to switch to GTK because of the reason
> nearly everybody uses GTK: because of the license of QT (not free!)

Maybe, but it is for a company. And I think it is no problem for them to pay.
It will be non open source, non-free software. Do you know how this works in
according with GCC, GPC an GTK+ (GPL?). 

> Borland uses QT, but paid the fee's. (so if you buy Delphi for Linux, you
> have a license to use QT, and develop and deploy programs), so that is a
> different category.

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