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Jose' M. Perez joperez at
Tue Sep 19 12:42:35 CEST 2000

The format looks good, but I would suggest several changes. First, if
"Reference-Card" is the version number, put the version number in the page
footer. Second, replace "Theme" with "Subject" or "Command", "Function", or
something more suitable. The syntax section uses a notation that I am not
familiar with. You might need an explanation of how to interpret the syntax.
Good luck and thank you for volunteering!

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From: U. Bauermann <uwe at>
To: gpc at <gpc at>
Date: Sunday, September 17, 2000 12:12 PM
Subject: GPC - Manual

>The GPC-manual is most uncomplete.
>Especialy the refence.
>I will help to make the reference complete.
>I must teach my students 'how to programming in Pascal'.
>And i almost make my own scripts.
>I can make my docs like a format, that they fit in the GPC-manual.
>Today, i am learning LaTeX, and the GPC-manual must be in TeXInfo.
>Is this right?
>Is there a tool to convert LaTeX to TeXInfo?
>(Sorry, i don't know anything about TeXInfo. But when it
>is necessary i will learn it.)
>In my docs (my scipts) i have a basicly layout.
>When it is possilbe to use this layout for the GPC-reference
>i'm verry happy, and i will help to make it complete.
>('Uff' was this really my words?)
>There is a haeder and a footer.
>I have made an example in LaTeX. You can take a look:
>(Several formats: LaTeX, dvi, ps and/or jpg)
>This basicly form looks good in my eyes.
>Please, think about it and tell me your ideas.
>It's only an example.
>Then we can change it to make it perfect.
>Sorry my english-grammar. I use my english only for reading, now.
>          Uwe
>PS.:BTW: Sorry my LaTeX-Code. I'm a beginner. Please send me
>         suggestions, corrections, optimum, ... Thanx
>Zu Fragen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen wenden Sie sich bitte an:
>Email:     uwe at

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