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Prof Abimbola Olowofoyeku African_Chief at
Tue Apr 24 23:49:39 CEST 2001

On 24 Apr 01, at 13:37, George Shapovalov wrote:

> Are you doing this all in the Mandrak 'konsole', 


> Are you using kde as your windows manager? 


> There is an issue of localisation/using the right
> fonts in Mandrake. Its default terminal does miserably in that respect
> and shows 8-bit characters as question marks in many cases. I could not
> help this but to reinstall kde myself.

I see :-(

>     As for a quick check, try using rxvt instead. Lanch it with such
>     command:
> rxvt -fn "your-font-with-necessary-charset-here"

I am not sure sure what this means!

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