Automatic gpc installation

Stephen Hurd shurd at
Fri Aug 3 20:58:04 CEST 2001

> The reason to hide the output (and not throwaway) of wget is to allow
> together with the -v 0 switch a batch version, which makes possible a
> remote triggered 'Hands off installation' for many machines on a bigger
> As far as I understand various ftp solutions, ftp works fine in
> mode but not in batch.

ftp works great in batch mode in FreeBSD... even works with http:// URLs.  I
can't speak for any other OS though, but I do remember it not working on one
of the other ones I've used... probably Solaris and/or Linux, but maybe
HP/UX... not too sure.

The script as I sent it worked properly in FreeBSD with both the root and
user installs.  As long as you really were root of course.

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