GPC on Mac OS X / Darwin.

pascal.pignard pascal.pignard at
Thu Aug 16 20:12:51 CEST 2001


I try and retry to port GPC - GNU Pascal compiler - on Mac OS X, all
details are on my french web site
section "Créations".

I try the port with gcc 2.95.2 - (926-3) and gpc 2.1 (20010417).

My strategy is to modified compiler files with the Apple gcc modified
files, as it has been done for gpc based on GNU gcc files.

I obtain some internal error when launching gpc - please see results
file at
The compiler don't seem to accept CALL instr for reload operation.
Perhaps, I may have modify some critical sections for the compiler -
please see for
my instructions to build the compiler and for the
modified source files.

Can you indicate where are these errors ?
Otherwise, can you indicate me an other person to contact ?

Is there any other person who is involved in the same port ?

		Thanks for all your effort, I apologize for my bad
English and the French texts.
			Best regards, Pascal Pignard.

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