Removing files in $(docdemodir)

Frank Heckenbach frank at
Mon Jan 15 07:49:27 CET 2001

Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> I find it a little bit disturbing that gpc's `make install' will
> remove pre-existing files from $(docdemodir).

Sometimes, docdemos are renamed. Without deleting the old ones,
they'd clobber the directory unnecessarily, and perhaps even give
misleading (obsolete) information...

> Besides, for some
> reason I'm yet to understand, it causes installation to fail on AIX
> 4.1.5, with an error message about an exceeding long command line when
> running `rm'.  The patch below seems to fix it.

Argh! I'd have expected this with Dos, but not AIX... :-(

> > If you really mean to delete the contents of $(docdemodir), I suggest
> > making it `for f in $(docdemodir)/*; do rm -f $$f; done', to avoid the
> > line-too-long error.
> Or a change similar to this (that was also needed, as I discovered
> just after sending the previous message):
> +	  (cd $(docdemodir) && chmod a-x *); \

Well, if the command-line length limits are really so tight, this
will probably fail if we have 2-3 times as many docdemos as we do
now (and that's expected to happen in the foreseeable future). So,
I'll go for the loop...

As soon as it's been uploaded to the CVS (gpc-20010115, probably in
a few hours), could you please check that it works?


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