GPC 2.1 RC 6 released

Maurice Lombardi Maurice.Lombardi at
Fri Apr 12 17:11:32 CEST 2002

Frank Heckenbach wrote:

> GPC version 20020410, the release candidate #6 for GPC 2.1, has been
> uploaded to
I have compiled and uploaded it in the new usual place(s),

under fixed links:

But I have not been able to update directory
because I have not write permission on it.

The _beta_ pdcurses 2.4 library has been replaced by the _release_ available on simtelnet in djgpp distributions.
The library is now named libpdcurses.a instead of libcurso.a
(crt.pas was changed accordingly by Franck).

Similarly in the libs directory

the newer versions of the libraries
gmp311 libjpeg6b libpng1012 pdcurses24 zlib114
come from simtelnet djgpp distribs (only renamed with our standard names).
libtiff 3.4 is compiled out of the box from the sources.
librx155 is the beta which was there previously.

grx244b is a binary of grx-2.4.4 intended for gpc/djgpp beginners.
It can be installed the usual way in any djgpp tree (without compiling),
and it contains the auxiliary libraries libjpeg libpng libtiff libz
(and only them) from the previous packages.
The fonts are in a standard djgpp location %DJGPP%\share\grx\fonts
and are known by default through a suitable GRX_DEFAULT_FONT_PATH  during
compilation (valid what may be the true address of the djgpp tree).

All libs contain now manifest files for clean updates in the djgpp way:

cd %DJGPP%
rm -fv @manifest\soso_old.mft
unzip32 \temp\


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