Help with blockread/blockwrite

Peter Norton qq88n at
Fri Feb 6 17:39:07 CET 2004


>I cannot reproduce it, but I suppose it's just a
misunderstanding of
>the `BlockRead' semantics. If the 4th parameter is
given, it doesn't
>have to read the whole buffer because the 4th
parameter tells how
>many were read.

I always thought that forth parameter in 'BlockRead'
contains information how much units was read. How much
to read is controlled by the third parameter.

Newertheless your code works fine - it just make one
more loop on the eof.

I'm still interest what prevent to fill the full
buffer (512 bytes) on this magic poiner 16384.
I've debugged this sample and found that with big
files the second magic spot appears somewhere about
100773 filepos. But it's may vary.


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