Please help me

Eike Lange eike.lange at
Mon Feb 16 13:11:21 CET 2004


On Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 05:12:46PM +0530, B.Gayathri wrote:
> I am working in Pascal in HP-UX envirmoment. The application was
> developed in HP Pascal 3000 in MPE/iX enviroment. We want to port
> the application in HP-UX. So using PC command I compiled the files
> and object files are created successfully. Now I want to link the
> programs and make the application executable. How do I link the
> files? How do I know which file to link? How can I make a file
> executable?

If you are using GNU-Pascal, then you just need to call
  gpc --automake myprogram.pas -o myprogram
where "myprogram" is the target executable
else if you are using some kind of HP-Pascal,
please see the manual. ;-)



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