About GPC's support of func/proc overloading

Neil Santos nsantos at sexmagnet.com
Sat Feb 28 06:11:15 CET 2004

Okay, got it; thanks to Emil Jerabek and Frank Heckenbach (though Frank
quoted an e-mail from a CBFalconer that I don't seem to have received.

I have another question, though, if nobody minds.  This should start a
new thread, but I loathe wasting space in an e-mail message (enough
space is wasted by my .sig :D)

Anyway, while coding, I noticed that:

   AnObject.AFunction := RETURN_CODE;

resulted in an error during compilation (with no parameters to gpc,
except file.pas, -o file and -Wall), but:

   Self.AFunction := RETURN_CODE;

compiles cleanly.  I was wondering if I'm using Self here as I should;
RTFM'ing wasn't much help (`Self' is still under construction), and
Google wasn't very helpful on this, either.

I know what Self does on other OO languages; was wondering if it's
basically the same here.

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