About GPC's support of func/proc

Neil Santos nsantos at sexmagnet.com
Sun Feb 29 03:34:36 CET 2004

Frank Heckenbach wrote:

 >> quoted an e-mail from a CBFalconer that I don't seem to have received.
 > Maybe somethihng like this?
 > http://gnu-pascal.de/crystal/gpc/en/mail9822.html

No, not really; my spam protection consists entirely of the Bayesian 
system in Mozilla.  And besides, the only real spam I get annoyed with 
are those non-topic-related posts in the mailing lists I subscribe to. :)

 > Otherwise there might have been a (temporary?) mail transport
 > problem. You can always use the archives. If there seems to be a

Could be.  Either that, or Mozilla tagged CBFalconer's message as Junk 
and forgot to tell me about it.  There's some mystic voodoo stuff 
involved in making SeaMonkey behave under GNU/Linux, it seems.

 > You figured it out already. Actually you can omit `Self.' (within


 > often happens within a `with' clause with an object of the same or
 > "similar" type).

Ah.  I have to remember that.

 >> RTFM'ing wasn't much help (`Self' is still under construction), and
 > The incomplete reference manual is one of the biggest "bugs"
 > currently. If you like to help, any contribution is welcome.

I would, and I do.  But right there are some things that's further up my 
To-Do list, if you take my meaning.

Thanks again. :)

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