Linux 64 bit versions of GPC?

Waldek Hebisch hebisch at
Thu Dec 21 16:09:30 CET 2006

Mike Reid wrote:
> I've been using an ancient 1999 version of GPC since, well, 1999,
> because it worked fine, came as an RPM, and did what I wanted. 
> However, I've now got a laptop that is running the 64 bit version of
> Mandriva Linux. Compiled 32-bit code seems to run OK, but the packaged
> versions of the compiler fail at the assembly stage. I.e. I can use my
> old versions of GPC to produce assembler, but the assembler gives error
> messages even on a "hello world" program. 
> Is there any simple work-around, or a binary distribution that should
> work on my system? Or do I have no option other than compiling from
> scratch? 

You may try:

gpc -Wa,--32 foo.p

The '-Wa,--32' option tell gpc to pass '--32' option to assembler
which in turn tells assembler to expect 32-bit code.  By default
assembler on 64-bit Linux expects 64-bit code.

Mandrake used to have GPC package (they were probably the first
distribution which packaged GPC on AMD64 machines) -- if Mandrivia
do not have recent package older one (or one from different distribution)
may work fine.

OTOH compiling gpc from sources should be easy, so I would encourage
you to try this.

                              Waldek Hebisch
hebisch at 

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