Hacking "method variables"

Markus Gerwinski markus at gerwinski.de
Fri Jun 9 22:35:54 CEST 2006

Peter N Lewis wrote:
> >OTOH, I would, of course, even prefer to have real, "syntax-approved"
> >method variables that also take into account polymorphy and the fact that
> >methods might be overridden.
> I'm afraid I can't understand the point of this, why not just use an 
> indirecting procedure:
> Remove the attribute names, and define
> Procedure testObjFoo ( obj: pointer );
> begin
> 	pTestObj(obj)^.foo;
> end;

That's basically what I've been doing for a couple of years now, and as
far as only my own code is affected, I find it a bit annoying, but
acceptable. However... well, see below.

> No need to rely on the compiler implementation of anything.
> Sure there is a negligible drop in efficiency, and you have to write 
> a duplicate for any method you want to use a a procedural variable, 
> but these hardly seem like big problems unless you have very specific 
> requirements that make them big problems...?

The point is: I'm writing an API where I'd like to give the application
developer the possibility to pass a method as an initialization parameter to
the constructors of some objects. For example to an intermediate wrapper that
turns rows of an SQL result set into objects and vice versa.

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