Free Pascal Meeting

Adriaan van Os gpc at
Mon Jun 19 14:56:29 CEST 2006

This weekend, I attended an international meeting of the Free Pascal Development team, hosted by 
Marco van de Voort in Eindhoven, which happens to be just a few miles from my home. This was an 
informal meeting with barbecue et al (and Marco trying hard to set his house and garden on fire).

A topic that I should mention here, is the many units that FPC has to interface with external 
packages. For many packages, there are no GPC alternatives being actively maintained. For Mac OS X 
however, a common set of Pascal interfaces to system software is maintained by a small team, from 
which interfaces are auto-generated for GPC, FPC and MW Pascal. So, in general, I think working 
together with the FPC team is a good idea (and for Mac OS X, we already do so actively).

Anyway, the FPC team accepts {$ifdef __GPC__} patches to their interfaces and are open to 
discussions on other solutions. I don't have much time now to look into this, but this may change 
in say two or three months. Of course, volunteers are welcome.


Adriaan van Os

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