Short Strings

Peter N Lewis peter at
Mon Jun 26 03:28:12 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I know short strings (255 character limit, 0 index containing the 
length) have been discussed to death, and I'm not going to discuss 
them further, but I did want to point out for those of you not on the 
MacPascal mailing list that everyone asking "Which should I use, FPC 
or GPC?" is basically ending up with FPC primarily because of lack of 
short string support.

I have nothing against FPC, and indeed the developers have been great 
at supporting Mac compatibility and so forth.

But since I use GPC, and since GPC has lots of really cool other 
features (like long Strings for example ;-), I'd love to encourage 
people to use GPC.  I personally believe the little extra work 
required to use wrappers for when short strings are needed is no big 
deal, but it's hard to argue that "its just a little more work" to a 
developer who is already faced with making a big change in their 
environment and code.

So basically, I'm just saying that the lack of short strings is 
seriously hindering GPC adoption on the Mac, and that that should 
probably be taken in to account when pondering the priority of their 


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