compiling static library + gpc runtime

Frank Heckenbach ih8mj at
Wed Oct 4 16:00:09 CEST 2006

Gale Paeper wrote:

> As for the 10.4 built PPC GPC, _statvfs is in the linked executable for
> even the most trival Hello world program.  You can get rid of some
> libgcc symbols by telling the linker to dead strip out unused symbols
> but not _statvfs.

Yes, I know, because the RTS isn't "smart-linkable".

> As to the underscore prefix, perhaps it is historical reasons similar to
> what you say about Dos systems.  Most of Apple's build tools and Mach-O
> object file format derives from NeXT which did have the capability of
> building for and running on some x86 based systems.

I don't know details about those, but the historical reasons I
mentioned refer specifically to Dos, not to x86. In fact, Linux on
x86 doesn't have the underscore.

> Frank, for your information, the *.command files Glenn has referred to
> are really just plain text shell scripts.  They are a user convenience
> feature Adriaan added to his Mac OS X GPC "compiler sources" download
> package.  They capture everything Adriaan knew at the time he put them
> together on what it took to get a successful GPC build on Mac OS X
> version identified in the name of the .command file.  In looking at the
> shell commands in the files, all three of the .command precanned builds
> do a full install from a FSF gcc sources base.

Do they do a make install (everything), pascal.install (GPC only),
or pascal.install-with-gcc (GPC plus required GCC parts)? In the
first and last case, such a mismatch shouldn't happen, if paths are
correct and everything, of course.

> Adriaan is the Mac OS X GPC build guru, but he is super tied up now and
> for some time in the future with a "pays the bills" project so he
> doesn't have much if any free time available to respond to Mac OS X GPC
> configuration and building questions.

Actually me too, as can be seen from the sparseness of my postings
here ...


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